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05 February 2014

Psalm 1: Prayer reflection

Psalm 1: Prayer reflection

Everyone strives for consistency. Sports stars, straining to make sure every stroke, pass, shot has maximum impact. Musicians and artists longing for a time when each note or flick of a brush would evoke that telling response.

Just when we think we have reached a level we slip below it again. Our lives are a mix of highs and lows. God, I want to bear fruit for you in every condition and every season. Whether hurricane blows or sun shines, let me delight in always having a crop of love and grace. Lord, my roots need to go deeper into the soil of your life–restoring presence. Renew, restore refresh and reawaken me. Let me delight in your will in every circumstance, Always.

Prayer:Lord, help me to be rooted in you. Being in your presence, no matter what is happening around me, makes my life fruitful. Thank you, Lord, for the permanence of your love.


Reflection by Fred Drummond, director of prayer, Evangelical Alliance 

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