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Despite efforts to write God out of public life, religious belief is making a remarkable comeback, and in the future there are likely to be continuing challenges for society about how we should ‘do God’. As we think about the kind of society we want, there will be important ongoing public debate over the place of religion in public life. Society is unsure about how best to deal with belief and the issues that often arise to do with diversity, equality and freedom of speech.

Human rights are often debated and discussed and open to interpretation. The theory is often upheld more than the practice. In the UK human rights are regulated through the courts under the 1998 Human Rights Act and ultimately in Europe by the European Court of Human Rights. Many human rights come originally from the Judaeo-Christian concept of human worth and dignity which in turn is based on our creation in the image of God. However, in many ways the contemporary secular idea of rights gained momentum from international leaders after the Second World War who were determined to prevent the re-occurrence of the human rights abuses they had witnessed.

A range of religious liberty articles are available below, discussing both international and domestic issues. 

The Alliance is a member of the Religious Liberty Commission, along with Release International, Open Doors and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. The Religious Liberty Commission exists to raise awareness of persecution, and also to encourage individual Christians and churches in the UK and Ireland to take action on behalf of the persecuted Church worldwide - whether through prayer, advocacy or financial aid.