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Membership application process

Church and organisation membership applications are dealt with by the Alliance's Membership Committee on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Membership of the Evangelical Alliance is an important commitment to evangelical unity in the UK and one which brings both privileges and responsibilities.

The following criteria are set out in order to provide clear guidelines within which to maintain biblical unity among evangelicals:

  1. The church/organisation must agree with the Evangelical Alliance's Basis of Faith
  2. The church/organisation must abide by the guidelines of the Evangelical Relationships Commitment. In addition, members should ensure that their integrity, both personal and corporate, is beyond question in all aspects of their life and ministry so that the credibility of the gospel is maintained. In particular, all members should seek independent corroboration where public claims are made in respect of their work.
  3. The church/organisation should have been established for a minimum of two years. Applicants linked with an international ministry should have a congregation established in the UK for at least two years.
  4. The church/organisation must either be:
    1. In good fellowship with other evangelical churches or organisations - particularly in the local area or in their area of ministry. Applicants are asked to submit the details of two local evangelical churches or organisations (at least one of which must be a member of the Alliance) that would be willing to act as referees in support of the application. The applicant must provide their contact name, full address, email and telephone number; or,
    2. Part of a denomination or network approved by the Board for fast-track membership.
  5. An application may be refused or membership revoked if the Membership Committee is satisfied that:
    1. The applicant/member is unable to accept the Alliance's Basis of Faith or the guidelines of the Evangelical Relationships Commitment.
    2. The applicant/member's relationship with other evangelicals falls short of the given criteria as spelt out in the Evangelical Relationships Commitment and worked out in good fellowship and respectful relationships and practical activity.
    3. The applicant/member's behaviour or public comments are seriously inconsistent with the Alliance's Basis of Faith or public stance on significant issues of theology, pastoral practice or public policy; or could bring the Alliance into disrepute with its members, prejudice the Alliance's interests or impair the Alliance's ability to hold itself out with integrity as representing members on such issues. The Membership Committee may decide not to take such steps where they reasonably consider such behaviour or public comment to be historic and repudiated. If an applicant/member is in any doubt whether their behaviour or public comment could affect their membership, they should seek guidance from the Membership Committee first.
  6. The church/organisation agrees to contribute financially to the Alliance annually. The payment of a member church/organisation's annual donation is deemed to be consent to the Alliance's current membership rules.