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CPO Halloween resources

Click on the link to find a host of tracts, posters and invitations to help you make Jesus known this Halloween.


Eight ways to shine bright this Halloween

Halloween is a time of year when some of our neighbours, friends and colleagues become more aware of the thin line between this world and a spiritual realm, a topic the Bible has much to say about. So, we can speak bravely, knowing that we contend with real spiritual forces (Ephesians 3:16). Yet,…

18 October 2022
Helen Locke

Pumpkin Heroes Pack

As Christians, we understand that Halloween can be a tricky time of year - especially for churches. This is why World Vision have created a Halloween alternative for Christians seeking a different response to the season. Pumpkin Heroes provides you and your church with great Bible-based resources…

Reimaging Halloween | Being Human

How can we reimagine Halloween? As followers of Jesus, Peter encourages us to reenchant conversations with friends and family this season.

Bag of Hope

Each bag contains a full colour Bible-based booklet, The Bible App for Kids Book of Hope and if you were planning on offering sweets, you can drop those in the bag too. It’s a great way to bring the light of God’s love into an evening which traditionally draws attention to darkness.


Jesus is the Light?

Jesus is the light? is Scripture Union's brand new Halloween and October half term resource that introduces children to Jesus as the light of the world! Packed with games and activities, this easy-to-use guide is purposely designed to be understood by children from both churched and unchurched…

Light up the night

I grew up in a Christian household with a powerful, God-fearing woman, so Halloween was never on the table. In fact, I don't remember ever questioning why Halloween wasn’t allowed – I just assumed it wasn't our thing. To be honest, I’ve never been that fussed about missing out. I think part of this…

17 October 2018
Rhys Stephenson

Scripture Union: Light Party Pack

Halloween presents a great opportunity for us to engage with our communities and to share the good news of Jesus. This could be a Light Party at your church or it could be a small gathering in your home for the families in your street. Let's think about who needs to hear the good news and how we…

Can you be a beacon of light?

Christchurch parish in Dorset have chosen the latter option, using Light Parties as a way to reach out to their community and to build relationships. In October 2018 Heidi Haagensen, the parish’s children and families worker, organised their first ever Light Party. She says: ‘The Light Party for us…

9 September 2019
Jennifer Babb

Light can share the gospel without words

Alice and her husband Phil live in a former vicarage on a housing estate in Knowle West, Bristol. The vicarage was abandoned in the 1990s following serious social unrest on the estate, and Alice and Phil took it over and renovated it in 2013. It’s now home to The Cairn, a church community without a…

24 October 2018
Scripture Union

“The wristband had changed his life…”

Many festivals returned to in-person events after two years of meeting online, and this year even saw the birth of new festivals that had been waiting to launch. These festivals provide valuable space and time for many Christians, young and old, some who are new to faith and some who have been…

29 September 2022
Alyssa Carey

Getting in the festive spirit

If there’s one thing elections and the run up to Christmas have in common, it’s noise. Vast quantities of noise. This time we’ve had a double whammy. And just like the election I’m sure there’s many of us longing for the silent peace of Christmas day. The day when the shopping is done (though even…

14 December 2019
Kieran Turner

Carols in IKEA: how to bring the nativity to life

However, as people come and go to Christmas services, it sometimes leaves us wondering whether it makes any difference. Does anyone care about the real meaning of Christmas or are they just here for the free mince pies? There is something about Christmas that brings comfort. We eat the same foods…

21 November 2022
Leonie Dorland