The Evangelical Alliance believes that all people are made in the image of God, have intrinsic worth and should be treated with equal dignity. This means we want to see an immigration and asylum system that treats people humanely and with dignity. This Bible talks about our responsibility to welcome the stranger and to care for those in need – including the widow, orphan immigrates and poor, what Tim Keller terms the quartet of the vulnerable. We believe that God has the best design for society and we want to see these values modelled and maintained in the UK’s immigration laws. 

We are advocating for an immigration and asylum system that treats people justly and that means we have concerns over current proposals to reform the system through the New Plan for Immigration. Our concern is that first, it creates a two-tier system based on how people arrived and that this is unjust, and second that it fails to deal with people in a human and dignified manner. People seek asylum have often fled from terror, conflict and persecution, understanding this trauma should affect how their accounts are treated and it should be recognised that the distrust of officials and state bodies may mean that the whole story may not be immediately apparent. The government’s New Plan for Immigration is confusing in its purpose, proses and potential impact. 

The Evangelical Alliance works with member organisations such as Welcome Churches, their vision is that no refugee should be alone when they arrive in the UK. They are building a network of churches across the UK that are ready and willing to welcome refugees arriving in their communities. Everyone who is seeking asylum should be treated with respect and compassion while they are in the UK. We have a call to welcome the stranger and we urge the government to create a system that does this in a meaningful way.