In 1846, the Evangelical Alliance was founded with the motto: "We are one body in Christ." Over 170 years on we remain deeply committed to Christian unity because we passionately believe that together we can make Jesus known in the UK.

Throughout our history, the Holy Spirit has united and led us as a membership organisation. For some this has meant serving a foundational role providing financial and prayer support. 

We cannot serve and strengthen the UK church without the help of our generous supporters.

In 1 Chronicles, we see King David ask the people to partner in a great endeavour for God’s glory when he asks, Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day to the LORD?” 

Today, we are inviting you to join us, just as David’s people partnered with God to be part of something bigger.

As part of the 1846 group, we invite you to give £1,846 (or £150 or more per month), to pray for the work of the Evangelical Alliance and to influence so that together we can make Him known. 

Through 1846 you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about new initiatives and meet programme leaders at our annual 1846 event
  • Attend Gavin Calver’s 1846 Christmas Lunch
  • Receive complimentary Evangelical Alliance membership
  • Engage in 1846 exclusive online events
  • Receive selected newly- released Evangelical Alliance publications
  • Share your views with our leadership through 1846 secretary Aimee Oleszuk


Rev Wendy Pawsey

Head of giving

If you are interested in becoming an 1846 key supporter please do contact Aimee Oleszuk on 020 7520 3839 or email her at