In 1846, the Evangelical Alliance was founded with the motto: "We are one body in Christ." Over 170 years on we remain deeply committed to Christian unity because we passionately believe that together we can make Jesus known in the UK.

We are currently facing both phenomenal opportunities and profound challenges. All around us we see change. People are entering into a relationship with Jesus in numbers we have not seen in decades. We celebrate good news stories of church growth, Christian favour and God’s blessing from every part of our membership. 

But we also face political, economic and cultural uncertainty; Brexit, the future of our political union, and the UK’s international relationships all serve to compound a sense of flux and shift. Not only this but we are also facing increasing opposition to biblical orthodoxy from many aspects of society; politicians, the media and cultural influencers, who seek to weaken our voice and reach. But no matter what changes or challenges we face, we know that God is faithful.

The Evangelical Alliance is confident and ready. We offer God what we have been entrusted with, to use as He wills. With open hands and open hearts, we trust in Him who gives us hope and a future. 

But we cannot do this without you. We need people like you who are willing and able to partner with us, providing prayer and financial support, advice and skill.

Join with us

To be a part of 1846, we invite you to give, to pray and to influence. You are invited to give £1,846 (or £150 or more per month) and pray for the work of the Evangelical Alliance. Leaving a legacy of £1,846 or more for the future of the Evangelical Alliance also qualifies you for 1846 membership.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Direct your giving to the area of work you most interested in or to wherever it is most needed across all areas.
  • Learn about new initiatives at our annual 1846 event.
  • Receive complimentary membership of the Evangelical Alliance
  • Engage in occasional additional events hosted by the Evangelical Alliance
  • Share your views with programme leaders, as well as senior staff and trustees, through 1846 secretary Hannah Mead

You will also receive all the standard individual member exclusives.

If you are interested in becoming an 1846 key supporter please do contact Aimee Oleszuk on 020 7520 3839 or email her at