Iain Hesketh

I'm just an ordinary bloke who is trying to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and trying to encourage others to do the same. My wife is brilliant and we are privileged to have two daughters, who bring so much joy to our lives. When I'm not hanging out with family and friends, I read, cycle, go to the gym, drink good coffee, like good food, and try to have fun. Oh and as a day job get to shape the culture of discipleship and mission at Elim Church Selly Oak.

Stuck in maintenance mode?

20 October 2016As church leaders, it’s so easy to get caught up with our measurement for success being rooted in the ABC of church statistics: attendance, buildings, cash. It’s understandable, as these are tangible metrics against which we can measure the previous years. But while I’m not against their use per se, I’m not sure they serve as a good measure for how well we are doing at fulfilling the great commission. I wonder whether our measurements of success have inadvertently made us think more about…


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