Ruth Thomas

Ruthie Thomas

Ruthie is a modern day hymn writer, author and poet. She studied at the School of English, King Alfred’s University College, Winchester, where she received her MA. A collection of her songs ‘You can’t keep a good song down’ is published by Stainer & Bell Ltd. Ruthie is the creator of the Heaven Direct Music Catalogue ( which contains her latest response to the coronavirus, ‘No other place to go’.

Our songs of praise in our private place

24 August 2020Due to the potential increased risk of coronavirus transmission from airborne droplets, the Government has issued restrictions and guidance concerning communal singing in churches. While we know that such measures are necessary to help keep ourselves and others safe, many will find it a great challenge not being able to connect with fellow believers and God through praise and worship songs as we continue to return to our church buildings. We’re not to lose heart, however, as this does allow…


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