God is love

Pretty simple really

Cos God gives us perfect love freely


Perfect love in the shape of a cross means my wrongs get crossed off

He gave up His crown

Came down from above to do what we couldn’t

That’s gospel, good news, that is perfect love

But to do life in Christ who paid our fee

Is to do life like Christ who set us free

That means the perfect love we see

In His spirit strength we do we be 


Do you think God calls us to the side-lines of church and take a seat

Just to shake the preachers hand and leave

Until next Sunday comes round and repeat?

Do me a favour

That mindset is way out

We’re called to do and show the world what perfect love’s all about

He’s the wellspring of life

The living water

And it’s about time we be church, show love and do gospel

Not just to tick annual planning meeting boxes

But 24/365 and a ¼ 

And cos the tomb was empty

Perfect love has already won

But til He returns in glory there’s plenty of jobs to do and to be done

See perfect love commissions us

To ricochet His love

To display Corinthians 13 love

So the mission is not just to spectate, but do

But here’s the thing – He’s not just calling someone else to do His gospel

In fact, He’s calling you.