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Five ways to bolster your Christian walk with prayer, by Fred Drummond

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I have been a follower of Jesus for more than 30 years. Throughout most of that time I have regarded prayer as vital to my Christian life. However, recognising something is important and giving it a priority place are two different things.

I identify with Richard Foster in his book Prayer, when he wrote: “We believe prayer is something we should do, even something we want to do; but it seems as if a chasm stands between us and...

1. Being relational

Sometimes I talk too much. I have been married for more than 30 years to a woman of great patience. One of the things I have learned over these years is that it pays to make space to listen, to...

Then, when we have gone through our list of concerns, we say a quick ‘amen’ and get on with our lives. That is no way to build a deep and meaningful relationship. Of course, we need to share...

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