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Leadership in 2020

Leadership in 2020

The constancy of Jesus, trust in God, kingdom values and exemplary leadership

Abi JarvisAbi Jarvis
Jan 17
A new year at Holyrood

Politics/A new year at Holyrood

What key issues and policy areas will be on the agenda for the Scottish Government and parliament in 2020?

Where in the world is it most dangerous to be a Christian?

Global/Where in the world is it most dangerous to be a Christian?

The Open Doors World Watch list was launched in parliament showing the 50 countries where persecution of Christians is worst

John ColebyJohn Coleby in Global
Jan 16
Book review: Disability in Mission – The Church’s Hidden Treasure

Church/Book review: Disability in Mission – The Church’s Hidden Treasure

Despite the eyebrows that may be raised upon reading this book, it still contains many hidden gems

Another wave of funding from Allchurches Trust

Church/Another wave of funding from Allchurches Trust

Even more church and charity projects for young people will benefit from Allchurches Trust’s generous Growing Lives grants

Emma SmithEmma Smith in Church
Jan 6
New decade, renewed conviction

Society/New decade, renewed conviction

Let us respond to the need for a renewed moral imagination for society

We rock for Jesus

Church/We rock for Jesus

Hardcore metal – another kind of praise and worship

Matt McKayMatt McKay in Church
Jan 2
Being Human

Discipleship/Being Human

We have the best story to share about what it means to be human

Agents of lasting change

Global/Agents of lasting change

It’s our mandate to stand with the world’s most vulnerable – World Vision

Book review: Reappearing Church

Church/Book review: Reappearing Church

Mark Sayers’ latest title is more than a good book

Visible God

Theology/Visible God

What does it mean to be made in God’s image? – Rev Dr David Hilborn

Roots and fruits

Politics/Roots and fruits

Honouring Jesus and our nation – we can strike the right balance

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