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Read stories about evangelicals who are making a difference around the UK and beyond

Created equal

Society/Created equal

In light of International Women’s Day, I celebrate stories from women and men that glorify God's kingdom, says Chrissy Uhlig

What's stopping us?

Mission/What's stopping us?

We can impact our nations with the good news of Jesus, so let’s do it, says Gavin Calver

We build together

Society/We build together

What do we want for our nations? If it’s spiritual transformation, we must unite in prayer and action, says Siân Rees

Siân ReesSiân Rees in Society
Mar 11
Will you share yours?

Mission/Will you share yours?

Phil Knox has written his first book, keen to empower Christians to share their stories of how they fell for Jesus

Remembered in the time of old age

Church/Remembered in the time of old age

God is using local churches to create a place of belonging for the elderly

Debs FidlerDebs Fidler in Church
Mar 11
The Father's heart for family

Society/The Father's heart for family

Have you ever considered offering a child a home for good?

Amy BurnsAmy Burns in Society
Mar 11
A godly initiative in Stornaway

Church/A godly initiative in Stornaway

The way we ‘do church’ puts flesh on the bones of God’s message

The contagiousness of hope

Mission/The contagiousness of hope

Let's be the most contagious we can be with the hope that brings life to the world, says Phil Knox

Phil KnoxPhil Knox in Mission
Mar 10
Turning 'scary evangelism' on its head

Mission/Turning 'scary evangelism' on its head

How I struggled to share my faith and what God did about it – Tim Moyler, Agapé UK

Tim MoylerTim Moyler in Mission
Mar 10
Coronavirus: a Christ-centred response

Society/Coronavirus: a Christ-centred response

How can the church witness to Jesus Christ even amid the spread of the coronavirus? asks Danny Webster

How can we show our Christian identity in sport?

Mission/How can we show our Christian identity in sport?

Walking the walk and talking the talk on and off the field

Gambling with lives

Politics/Gambling with lives

What's going to happen to gambling policy under the new government?

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