The Evangelical Alliance has been in existence since 1846 but rarely has there been a greater need for it to be strong than in the decades lying ahead of us.

A snapshot of our history shows the Evangelical Alliance advocating for freedom across Europe, promoting and providing prayer cover, responding to need, supporting churches and their leaders, building unity, fighting injustice, and helping thousands come to know Jesus. 

In the midst of a rapidly shifting landscape, the prophetic purpose of the oldest and largest unity movement of the gospel in the UK is needed more now than ever before. 

We are facing very choppy waters and it is vital we stand firm on God’s Word in a time of incredible challenge both culturally and spirituality. The church needs to prepare to be distinct despite the overwhelming pressure to conform from the secular tsunami taking place. As the darkness becomes darker, the light needs to shine brighter. 

The importance of a united church and protecting gospel freedoms has never been so great, but arguably neither have the opportunities. 

We will continue to produce resources, provide courses and offer counsel, as it is crucial for Christians to be well-equipped to speak into every public sphere. However, moving forward we need to be braver, kinder, younger (evangelical Christians will not be produced by osmosis) and broader. To make a difference, the recruitment, resourcing and empowerment of our membership is vital. 

And because of this we are asking you to partner with us to an extent you may have never done before. We don’t ask this lightly but with knowledge of the past, awareness of the present and expectations for the future, leading the way. 

With your help and standing as one united body, we want to continue helping to shape the four nations of the UK, to support and uphold our churches and their leaders, to ensure everyone can hear about Jesus, to unite believers of all ages and ethnicities in increasingly more powerful and effective ways. 

If you would like to be part of this, if you have a passion for Jesus and for the UK, then please stand with us 

  • through prayer
  • sharing and promoting the resources we provide 
  • by ensuring we have enough funds to continue making a difference 

We have several events planned for our anniversary year that we would love you to participate in and, led by the Spirit, we are asking those who feel prompted to commit to giving a fixed financial amount for the next three years. 

Our aim is to raise an additional £175,000 of income per year, that will be used to get us closer to realising our ultimate vision of the evangelisation of the UK. That we might be the Good News people, united in the Gospel, speaking up on the issues that matter and together making Jesus known. In an increasingly secularised society, the need to do this, to be heard above the crowd, is becoming more crucial. 

Will you join us?