Serve Scotland is a movement which works to help the church be a catalyst for transformational change in the lives of the people and communities across Scotland.

Serve Scotland champions good practice, shared vision and unity to empower local churches, organisations and communities to bring positive, transformational change in the lives of individuals, communities, and the nation.

Bethany Christian Trust, Glasgow City Mission, Blythswood Care, The Cinnamon Network, Redeeming Our Communities and Care for Scotland have joined the Evangelical Alliance in setting up Serve Scotland, an umbrella group to bring together the Christian voluntary sector in Scotland at both a local and national level.

Serve Scotland is a contact point for MSPs, civil servants and media when they are seeking to connect with church-based community projects, shares best practice and resources and act as a point of contact for local authorities.

There has never been a more important time for churches to be effectively serving their local communities. There is already a huge amount of good work being done across Scotland but too often this is disjointed and there is no forum for people to share their work and see where the gaps are in our towns and cities. 

Additionally local authorities often have no idea who to speak to when they want to connect with the local church in their area. Serve Scotland addresses both of these problems and we believe it is a significant tool in supporting communities and tackling poverty in Scotland.” — Fred Drummond, director of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland