As Wales continues to cautiously move out of lockdown, the Welsh Government has shared with the Evangelical Alliance a comprehensive suite of guidance to ensure that its members are well-informed and prepared for the next steps.

Below you will find links on everything from hygiene to workforce risk assessment tools. This should enable you at home, work and church to keep yourself and others safe in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

UPDATED9th July 2020 – this page will be updated to reflect the most recent guidance.

Useful links to government guidance

Further to the Welsh Government’s announcement on the 22nd of June that places of worship were allowed to reopen to conduct marriage ceremonies, it is now lawful for places of worship as well as Register Offices to open for these specific ceremonies and for certain people to gather and enter relevant buildings. Further guidance outlining what can and cannot take place were published on July the 7th and can be accessed here:

Guidance changes and might be updated on a weekly or even daily basis. Please continue to keep checking the Welsh government website for the latest information.