Alex Rowe

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm fascinated by the intersection between religion and everyday life, particularly the way in which our beliefs about God, the world, and ourselves affect the way we each choose to live. This is what I like to explore in my writing and research. Come October, I will be a graduate student at Oxford, reading for an MPhil in Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World. Religious documents like the Tanakh, Christian Bible, or Qur'an are foundational for the way millions of people live. I'm convinced that part of what it means to effectively interpret these documents for today is to appreciate the ancient historical contexts from which they arose. I sometimes share my essays on On my blog, The Coffeehouse Cleric, I share insights from my studies that are, I think, beneficial'or I hope at least interesting'for both church and society. I'm not the only one who asks the 'big questions' of life. We all do. So, I invite you to join in the conversation.