Dee Balshaw

Dee's husband, Kim, was once asked if she slept, or merely plugged herself in to the mains. Her life is a rich patchwork of ministries (many of which are a complete surprise to her!), but she's keen to share how, in every season of her life, Jesus has used her.

As the seasons change

5 March 2019In my head, it was supposed to work out something like this… “I didn’t believe in Jesus but now you’ve argued with me for an hour, I see I was completely wrong. Can I give my life to Christ?” In the impetuous days of my youth, arguing seemed like a really good evangelism strategy. Seeing that written down now, I squirm with embarrassment. Unsurprisingly, arguing provoked a reaction, but not one that drew people closer to Jesus as I’d hoped. I first met Jesus as a child and for the longest…


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