Donna Jennings

Donna Jennings

In this role, Donna seeks to resource the church to be strategic, creative and bold as we proclaim, enact and embody the good news of Jesus in our context. She is passionate about equipping the church to be both biblically faithful and culturally relevant as we stand at the interface between gospel and culture. Donna's heart and voice for church and mission have been formed by her Masters in Missiology, several years of church planting work in Bangladesh followed by developing church engagement with mission through her OMF role in Ireland. Donna lives in Belfast with her husband Nathaniel and children Micah and Tabitha. Some of life’s good gifts for Donna include a morning coffee, shared laughter with friends, a long run out in nature, and a good crime drama.

When we come together

25 June 2020The church (ekklesia) is, at its heart, a gathering of people. We are a connected people, a community, the people of God, the body of Christ, a holy nation, a royal priesthood, the flock, the household of God. From first creation to the new creation, scripture is permeated with images of people gathering to worship God. From Eden to Sinai, tabernacle to temple, in the Jewish synagogue, private homes and the Greek agora, across the world and throughout history, the community of God has always…