Dr Peter Willson

Dr Peter Willson

Dr Peter Willson is Restored's operations lead and lead for First Man Standing. Peter has supported Restored since its inception in 2008 and is passionate about confronting male entitlement and misogyny as a cause of abuse against women. In 2018 he left his position as consultant surgeon in the NHS at Kingston Hospital and joined the team as a volunteer on the First Man Standing project and then took on the role of operations lead in April 2019.

Restored: supporting victims of domestic abuse

5 May 2020In the UK, national domestic abuse charity Refuge, which provides specialist support for women and children experiencing domestic violence, has noted that in the early stages of the lockdown, traffic to its website rose by 150 per cent and there was an average 25 per cent increase in calls to its national domestic abuse helpline. Victims of domestic violence during lockdown are predominantly female and the perpetrator male, making this a gendered issue. Unfortunately, this is reflected in theā€¦


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