Dr Rebecca Uberoi

Dr Rebecca Uberoi

Dr Rebecca Uberoi, an ethnomusicologist with a particular focus on Christian worship music, leads the London School of Theology’s theology, music and worship programmes and lectures on music and worship.

Oh come, let's sing to the Lord

18 December 2020The Lord Himself expresses delight over His people in song (Zephaniah 3:17) and Jesus sang hymns with His disciples (Matthew 26:30). The whole of creation bursts forth in song to the glory of God, from the mountains, fields and trees on the earth (Isaiah 55:12; Psalm 65:13; 1 Chronicles 16:33) to the stars in outer space (Job 38:7). Clearly, this business of singing is important. Aside from the fact that scripture repeatedly commands us to sing, there are many reasons why sung worship is vital.…


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