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Hilary Warner

Hilary Warner is the prayer team leader at St. Mary’s, Cogges. In 2008 she attended the first UK training of SIL’s Healing the Wounds of Trauma course (now organised and developed by the THI Alliance) and found the material far too good to be kept for local prayer ministry settings. Conversations with her church’s African mission partner led to her co-facilitating a number of courses in Burundi, followed by several in Lebanon, as well as working with some small groups in her local church. Hilary is a linguist, a grandparent and a retired teacher.

Helping people heal from trauma caused by coronavirus

3 June 2020We’ve all lost our normal daily lives, which is a significant loss. We all face uncertainty about the future – and more changes. This takes its toll: we are tired with all the extra daily decisions, frustrated with the complications we face, angry about things we can’t do. We may look for someone to blame or take it out on others. Worries rob us of sleep or cause nightmares. We feel isolated from friends, family and colleagues. We all need help to get through this. Sometimes we wish we knew…


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