Joe Watson

Joe Watson has worked in Children's television for the last 15 years and is Series Producer of a brand new interactive digital series for under 7's called the Little Worship Company. Joe is a Mum of three, and in her spare time likes to run on beaches, light fires and have friends round for dinner.

The great divide

12 June 2019I’ve got a confession: toddler groups have saved my sanity. I’ve got three children and have spent many hours in toddler groups. They are the places where I’ve learnt that it’s okay not to be okay, a place where I’ve discussed my fears, shared my joy, laughed, cried and survived motherhood. But I remember that moment, walking into a church hall for the first time, wondering what to do with myself and the relief when someone walks over and says 'hello'. Even if you're a church-goer, it can be…


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