Ludivine Kadimba

Ludivine Kadimba

Ludivine is Kintsugi Hope’s wellbeing group coordinator. She has a passion for wellbeing and wholeness and loves seeing people become free from mental and emotional difficulties and embrace themselves as the person God created them to be. Her name means ‘friend of the people’, something she daily strives to live up to, connecting with various people to help coordinate the training of new group leaders to deliver the Kintsugi Hope wellbeing groups around the country and reach out to those who are lonely, isolated and anxious, or simply need someone to walk alongside them during a difficult time.

Kintsugi Hope online wellbeing groups

28 April 2020We feel that more people and communities than ever before need to be connected and given a listening ear at this time when the coronavirus pandemic has made our world scarier and more uncertain than ever before. The current situation is affecting all of us in different ways, and we are seeing people who would not particularly suffer from anxiety in normal circumstances now reaching out to us. Kintsugi Hope can help There are many ways we can look after our mental health, such as physical…


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