Mark Crosby

Mark Crosby

Mark Crosby is the director of communications for Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland and serves at Vineyard Church Cardiff as a site pastor. He oversees communications for the Vineyard movement, including web, social media, resources, films, new platform application, training, and creative and strategic direction. He is also the author of So Everyone Can Hear: Communicating Church in a Digital Culture.

Top tips for doing church digitally

20 March 2020My past week has been a hive of activity resourcing the local church and working with other church communications teams, creating resources, learning from each other, and sharing best practice. Our desire has been to discover what God is making available to us all in this time, and through this I have observed five things that I think applies to every church. Every church can have a digital presence It’s never been easier to have a digital presence than it is right now. Most churches are…


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