Matt Mc Kay

Matt McKay

Matt worked with the Evangelical Alliance until 2019 as membership engagement lead. A keen musician who is enthusiastic about bridging the gap between church and culture, he and his wife Sarah lead a “heavy metal church” in the Midlands, reaching out to the hardcore rock communities to promote mental health awareness and share the good news of the Gospel. Matt’s heart is for unity and seeing the church mobilised for mission.

We rock for Jesus

2 January 2020Taking inspiration from the bleak atmosphere and factory sounds around them and the tough drudge of daily life, these young, working-class musicians capitalised on the sound of rock ‘n’ roll and began adding darker, more eerie melodies to their songs. Cranking up the volume, this new genre tingled the senses of a lifeless and monotonous demographic, providing an outlet to express dissatisfaction and rebel against the status quo. Out of the darkness, heavy metal was born.Over the years to come,…


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