Natalie Andrews

Natalie Andrews

Natalie Andrews is the Church of England’s Sport and Wellbeing Project Lead. This project seeks to effect cultural change to enable a strategic and sustainable approach for the ministry of Sport and Wellbeing within the life and witness of the Church of England. After an initial 3 year pilot, we aspire to see sport and wellbeing become one of the core evangelistic & discipleship strategies for the Church of England to be a church for 'All people in every place'. Natalie lives in Ely with her husband and family and prior to this role she was a Church Leader in Ely, Cambridgeshire. She is specifically interested in missional communities, new forms of Monasticism and a holistic view of body and wellbeing. Natalie is a keen runner and enjoys opportunities to share her faith in everyday life.

How to run for Jesus in lockdown

8 October 2020It was a cold, dark, November evening, and I was charging downhill with my running club, when I drew alongside an older member who exclaimed, “Let there be light!” We quickly struck up a conversation about how his dad used to be in the church choir and would often take him to church as a boy, but that he no longer attends. The rest of the conversation is holy ground and not to be divulged, but I share this story because, even while minding my own business, enjoying my run, the Holy Spirit had…


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