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Niky Dix

Niky Dix is the vision setter and direction keeper for Intentional Health. She’s passionate about loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves, and detests injustice. She hopes that as the local church helps tackle the country’s crisis of lifestyle health, that Christians can make known how a life with Jesus is still relevant today, and together, see many lives saved.Niky worships at the Tubestation, Polzeath, and as well as Jesus, she loves her family, technology and listening to audiobooks, Ted Talks and podcasts.

Christians needed to champion a healthier culture

20 January 2020There’s an injustice that many diseases including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes could be prevented, or better managed, by adopting healthier lifestyle patterns. We know these diseases impact individuals, society and the NHS, but what does this have to do with the church and can we help?It is well documented that Jesus healed people and Christian pioneers shaped the provision of health over the centuries. Could the church do something like this again to prevent needless suffering…


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