Patrick Goh

Patrick is the Head of HR at the Overseas Development Institute. Before joining ODI, he spent a total of 23 years at Tearfund as Global Head of HR, and at the Church Mission Society as Personnel and Development Director. Apart from his day job, he is doing a part-time Professional Doctorate researching ‘what happens in Christian workplace communities when corporate managerialism becomes the dominant organising discourse?’ He is hoping to posit a relational alternative for organising and leadership that better reflects the beliefs and values of faith-based organisations.

Like all Gooners, he vacillates from hopefulness to hopelessness on a weekly basis. Thank God that He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Photography and playing the guitar helps take his mind off Arsenal when they lose. He enjoys playing with the worship band at Mill Hill East Church in NW London. Patrick is married to Sylvia and they have three adult children.