Rob Burns

Rob Burns

Rob moved to Wales in 2000 after founding and leading several Christian organisations in the USA, where he served for 11years. He currently has several roles: he is founding director of Missional Links Wales (, a missional leadership consultant with the Evangelical Alliance Wales and teaches and preaches regularly in churches across Wales. Rob holds a master's degree in theology and two other post graduate degrees in missional leadership and coaching. He has worked for many years in the academic and training arenas. He also held an A licence football qualification and worked as a professional youth coach in the USA for 11 years. He is passionate about leadership training, coaching and mentoring people who are looking for direction, encouragement and purpose. He is married to Jenny and they have three adult lads, each one taller and far more handsome than him!

“Being a witness”: how sharing the good news is not just about what we do, but who we are

30 September 2020I’ve been reflecting recently about this verse from Acts 1:8 and how for many years I concentrated on why I was supposed to witness or share the message of salvation with others. Reasons that come to mind might be because of all that Jesus has done for me or because it was command language in the Greek and I have no choice. I also reasoned that I might be the only Christian they knew and if I cared for them, I should share the gospel with them. In addition to these reasons and many others, when…


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