Suneel Shivdasani

Suneel grew up in London as a Hindu, and did a search for God a number of years ago - he didn't want God to say to him one day: "You've never even looked!". Around that time, he came across a story of an orphan that wanted to meet his parents, and realised that he too wanted to know God personally, rather than just as a "nice idea". He has worked in various sectors professionally, including working on an Advisory Committee for Ofcom for a number of years, as well as working in the Inter-Faith sector with South Asian Concern where he ran training courses to help churches understand engage with their local South Asian community. He is married to Susan and they have a son. Suneel is CVM's International Co-ordinator, keeping in touch with groups overseas that want to develop their men's ministry, as well as being a resource for ministry amongst Asians in the UK, and the Area Co-ordinator for Sutton (S. London).

A pathway to praying with friends

9 May 2018A few years ago we were buying a 'new' car from a car dealership. My wife asked if we could have a couple of minutes to pray about the decision, so 'John', the salesman, left us alone to pray. I was curious to know what he thought about us praying, so before we left I mentioned that I was wondering what he thought about us praying, and where he might be on his spiritual journey. John explained that he went to church sometimes, but didn’t really understand much about it. He said he was…


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