Tim Coysh

Tim Coysh

Hailing from the sunny countryside in The Cotswolds, Tim joined the Evangelical Alliance in 2016. He previously worked for Onelife Leadershipand was self-employed as a freelance web designer. He is huge fan of technology, any sports, and could be the world's biggest extrovert. Tim has been designing websites since the age of 12 and now looks after the digital world of the Evangelical Alliance, including this website.

Online meeting security

22 April 2020There are an increasing number of reports that people are ‘trolling’ these online meetings. Trolling is internet slang for someone who deliberately provokes arguments and fights, often by saying insensitive things or posting explicit content – basically, the internet’s version of schoolground bullying. As Christians, we can often become targets, so it’s important we know how we can protect our meetings from uninvited guests, whilst also remembering to not be a closed community and being as open…


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