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Advance equips, encourages and endorses evangelists and is focused on the priority of preaching the gospel.

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Aimed at people who are close to making a commitment to follow Jesus

Advance grew out of a vision from Andy Hawthorne in 2014 to gather 12 younger preaching evangelists around himself to develop and sharpen them. Having now begun to multiply around the UK and beyond, this network is ultimately a direct response to the need for passionate, unashamed communicators of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be equipped, encouraged and held accountable through regular group interaction and support.Through monthly meetings and an annual conference, the gathered evangelists receive teaching, sharpen each other through discussion, and share openly about where they are at in their personal walk with Jesus. After one year in the group, each evangelist then finds another twelve evangelists who they then mentor in the same way.This is about evangelists developing evangelists, to see a huge increase around the UK (and beyond) in the number of preaching evangelists who will unashamedly put the lamp on a stand.You can read more about Advance in this handbook.