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Lumen is a fun and interactive weekly discipleship resource aimed at 11-14's helping to equip them to share their faith with their friends.

Lumen is designed to help 11 – 14-year-olds to share their faith through weekly discipleship. Each of the engaging sessions contains activities, games, discussions and Bible studies delivered through different learning styles. The sessions can be edited and adapted to suit your youth work setting; you can edit what we have created, create your own session or choose from our back catalogue of 100’s of sessions! Every year we cover 7 key teaching topics in innovative ways, so that when a young person leaves your ministry they are rooted and equipped to become a young adult who is a disciple-making disciples around them. The key teaching points are as follows: 
  • evangelism,
  • being Jesus centred,
  • giving and serving,
  • friends and community,
  • spiritual disciplines,
  • making wise decisions and
  • pure relationships.
Each of these are studied with the question in mind How do I use this to share my faith?’