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CrossCheck gives Christians a way to tell the gospel using words and graphics, so their friends can check-out where they are at with Jesus.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

The gospel is a free, interactive news-story. So is CrossCheck. Like much of Jesus’ teaching, CrossCheck contains both the gospel narrative and targetted questions. The story is told succinctly in words with accompanying graphics. CrossCheck’s questions enable Christians to help their friends to discover how much they understand about the gospel, what their belief-blocks’ are, and how they can receive Christ. CrossCheck has been used effectively in the UK for 25 years. It is now available as a YouTube video, downloadable teaching series and booklet. It explains the gospel clearly, working best as a conversation guide in one-to-one evangelism and as a discussion focus for a group. CrossCheck’s watchwords are no fudging, no forcing’. It is straight-forward, Biblical, practical, relational and free; helping Christians to talk about Jesus with growing confidence, giving hesitant believers reasons to be sure that they are saved, and leading unbelievers to Jesus.