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Hope 15:13

Finding hope in the coronavirus

Hope 15:13 is built around three actions: pray, prepare and proclaim.

Pray — Each day pray by yourself or with others, either online or in person

  • That an effective vaccine for coronavirus will be produced.
  • For God to pour out His comforting grace on those left ill and isolated by the disease.
  • For strength, protection and wisdom for the medical staff treating the very sick.
  • For a spiritual awakening amongst unbelievers to their need for God.
  • That the Church would look to God’s Word for guidance and hope.

Prepare — Consider how you can protect and support others

  • Keep up to date with advice from the government.
  • Consider who in your community is at risk from isolation.
  • What practical or emotional support could you give them.

Proclaim — Seek to share this hope as you connect with people every day

  • Look for the Holy Spirit to open doors in conversation.
  • Prayerfully listen to people’s concerns about the virus.
  • Share the hope you have in Christ and the reassurance it gives in this crisis.
  • Offer to pray for God’s peace for the person if led to do so.
  • Share the hope you have in Christ in practical ways wherever possible.

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