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Vox is a free youth series for 13-19s made of 4 episodes opening Luke's book to explore and discuss Christianity.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Vox is the FREE new youth series from Christianity Explored, joining six young people as they open up the Bible (Luke’s gospel) to explore Christianity and find out what God has to say about Himself, about us, and about life here on earth.

The series creates an opportunity to pause, listen in on unfiltered and honest conversations about faith from a group of young people, and open up the space for more discussion. 

Each episode features Bible teaching from Dave Cornes and Swarzy Macaly, time to pause the video and discuss the questions on screen. 

Bonus resources include: 

  • A pre-course episode covering the ins and outs of the series, its format, structure, and tips on how to make the most of it – encouraging Christian youth to invite their friends evangelistically.
  • A web-based app with all the series videos, discussion questions, passages of scripture and more. 
  • PDF episode guides with discussion points and plenty of space to make notes or write down questions. 
  • A special edition of Luke’s gospel to go hand in hand with the Vox series. Available to purchase through 10ofthose.