These last few years have been emotionally and financially turbulent. We have navigated the choppy seas of the coronavirus outbreak only to find ourselves facing the tsunami that is the cost of living crisis.

Experts are telling us the number of people saying they’ve recently donated to charity is decreasing; two-fifths of people report they will be cutting back on charity donations; and predictions state household income pressures and a slower recovery of consumer spending are likely to result in fewer people donating to charities. The pressure for churches, charities and organisations to find much-needed income can feel overwhelming.

However, despite what can feel like a landslide of bad news, as Christians we can take comfort and hope from scripture that tells us we have an oil jar of God’s provision that will never run out (1 Kings 17:14). Because of this, I want to suggest we can be people of courage and hope, that dream expansive dreams for His glory (Ephesians 3:20 – 21).

Below, you will find a list of grant-making trusts and organisations that are taking applications from Christian charities. Some are large trusts or organisations you may well be familiar with, while others are much smaller and less well-known. What they all have in common is their whole-hearted commitment to advancing the Christian faith and demonstrating God’s love in a tangible way.

As you explore the list, I pray that you will be guided to the right one for your cause, charity or organisation, and that God’s hand will be over the application process.

Benefact Trust’s General Grants Programme

  • Supports projects that demonstrate an impact on people and communities.
  • Churches, cathedrals, denominational bodies, Christian charities, and schools and educational institutions are all eligible to apply. All applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear Christian foundation or ethos.
  • The programme typically funds capital projects, not salaries or running costs, and in most cases gives a small percentage of the project cost as this enables them to support many worthwhile causes.
  • The programme also supports projects that help to tackle social issues, for example homelessness, poverty, climate change and cultural cohesion, and projects that support Christian leaders, and help to share the Christian faith.
  • To apply for a grant under the General Grants Programme, you will need to complete this online application form. If you have any questions about the programme take a look at the FAQs.

The Henry Smith Charity

  • Offers funding through the Christian Projects grant programme; provides grants to support projects that explicitly promote the Christian faith in the UK.
  • Values projects that set out to nurture and grow people’s journey in Christian faith and grow churches, and only support work that comes from a Church of England context, or that is fully ecumenical.

The Childs Charitable Trust

  • A grant-making trust, supporting Christian UK registered charities and organisations working both in the UK and overseas.
  • The trust is keen to support projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to their work with the primary focus for grants allocated in 2022 on those organisations who actively share the Christian gospel in their work.

The Cinnamon Network

  • Has micro-grants of £2,000 available in certain locations for any churches wanting to start a Cinnamon Recommended Project.

The Joseph Rank Trust

  • An independent Christian grant-maker working with all Christian denominations in the UK.
  • The trustees have identified two main areas of interest, as follows:
  • 1. Projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people of all ages.
  • 2. The adaptation or improvement of church properties (including new build) with a view to providing improved facilities for use by the church and its work in the community in which it is based.
  • In considering all other appeals, the trustees take into account the primary objective of the trust, which is to advance the Christian faith. After earmarking funds to support this important area of the trust’s work, the trustees are prepared to consider other unsolicited appeals, although resources remaining to support such appeals are limited.
  • Unsolicited appeals are selected for consideration by the trustees that demonstrate, in their view, a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people.

Sir Halley Stewart Trust

  • A grant-giving charity supporting innovative and pioneering social, medical and religious projects, to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering.
  • The trust prioritises projects that: break down religious and secular divides; are untested and have the potential to be game-changers’; involve the vocational development of key people within relevant fields.

Laing Family Trusts

  • A group of four grant-making trusts (Beatrice Laing Trust, Kirby Laing Foundation, Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust and Martin Laing Foundation) sharing a single administration.
  • Because the trust is run on a co-ordinated basis, you do not need to make multiple applications to the individual trusts; your application will automatically be directed to the most appropriate of the four trusts.

John James Charitable Trust

  • A grant-making charity, providing support for individuals and organisations with a Christian focus as well as funding students in ministry training.
  • The trust exists to: promote education in the Christian faith amongst children and young people; support people in training for Christian ministry; relieve poverty and distress created by sudden or unexpected circumstances.

Slavanka Trust

  • Aims to give financial and professional support to those involved in Christian ministry, including the establishment and running of Christian conference centres and other residential Christian activities, and the provision of Christian education.

Saltley Trust

  • A charity committed to supporting and developing innovative work in three main spheres: Christian learning, discipleship and theological education; the churches’ work in, and contribution to, the FE and lifelong learning sectors; and religious education in schools.

The Bishop Radford Trust

  • A charity which supports Christian ministry in the UK and internationally. It works with a range of different charities and has given out 500+ grants amounting to over £7.3 million since it was founded in 2006 and distributed over £500,000 towards 58 grants in tax year 2021 – 22.

The MB Reckitt Trust (formerly the Christendom Trust)

  • A grant-giving trust that funds projects concerned with Christian social thought and action. The aim of the trust is to promote research and activities that evaluate and develop social structures, processes and attitudes in order to release energies for change, from the perspective of Christianity.
  • Trustees are currently wanting to encourage work that supports the following outcome: being and building communities that are diverse and cohesive, in order to bring about a stronger society.

Written by Rev Wendy Pawsey.