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Kingdom Bank

Investing in the kingdom

Kingdom Bank really is a bank with a difference.

First of all we are a Christian Bank. This means that we have values that we live and work by. We genuinely care for the people we deal with – our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers.

We offer a range of mortgages:

  • for the purchase, building and redevelopment of churches and other church buildings.
  • for ministers, church workers and missionaries.
  • social return mortgages, to enable both churches and individuals to buy properties that can be used for the benefit of the disadvantaged or those with special needs.

We offer a range of savings accounts for individuals, churches and charities. As well as always aiming to offer competitive rates of interest, we will use your savings to build and develop churches.

We are also insurance brokers and pride ourselves in finding the right cover for you at the best terms we can.

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