On 22 April, the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland will be hosting candidates from five major Scottish parties: the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish Greens, Scottish Liberal-Democrats, and the Scottish National Party.

Here are six of the major themes that we believe are integral to our vision of Scotland now and in the future: 

  1. Rebuilding: How can we rebuild better after the pandemic?
  2. Freedom: How can we safeguard Christian liberty, protect freedom of expression, and cultivate better relationships between Christians and politicians?
  3. Environment: How can we act as better stewards of the natural environment?
  4. Addiction: How can we best help those affected by addiction?
  5. Poverty: How can we provide for our communities and eradicate poverty in Scotland?
  6. Justice: How can we speak out for justice in Scotland and beyond?

We will be joined by key candidates including as Kate Forbes MSP, current cabinet secretary for finance and SNP member, Murdo Fraser MSP, former deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives and current shadow cabinet secretary for finance, and Ross Greer MSP, member of the Scottish Greens. 


How can you get involved?

The event will be livestreamed on the Evangelical Alliance Scotland’s Facebook page at 5:30pm on 22 April. There will be opportunities to submit questions live to the candidates. Additionally, if you have questions for the candidates that relate to our areas of focus, you can email them to c.​fox@​eauk.​org with the subject Hustings question’.

We would also invite you to continue praying for the election process. With such pressing issues at stake, Scottish politics can be divisive; please continue to pray for all incoming MSPs and the tough role they are about to take up. 

If you have any questions about our election plans, please email scotland@​eauk.​org