Join us for Above and Beyond, a day conference helping you to run your church or charity excellently by complying with the law and regulations. Here we explain why it’s a day you and your church shouldn’t miss.

1. Virtually all churches are charities, so understanding what that means and requires is essential. There will be a seminar on charitable governance and another on your relationship with the Charity Commission to ensure that you are best placed if there are ever any concerns or complaints.

2. We want Above and Beyond to equip you and your church to get the processes and procedures right so you can focus on your mission, preaching the good news, building a worshipping community and growing closer to God. One of the key things to get right is employment matters and we’ll have a session on employment law and a panel discussion on navigating the 2010 Equality Act.

3. We know that the church is not about the building but the people, but buildings can be both a source of opportunities and challenges. One of our seminars will explore making the most of your building, including looking at refurbishment and building projects, and partnership opportunities for development. With the help of experts we will look at legal issues around leasing buildings and letting yours out. How can your building work for the mission of the church?

4. You may know that credit agencies strive for a Triple A rating, but are your church finances in a top-notch state? Our friends at Stewardship will be leading a session to help you raise your game to keep your books in order and comply with all the necessary accounting regulations.

5. Throughout the day you will be inspired to run your church as well as possible, making sure that you go above and beyond the essentials and glorify God with all that you do. The final session of the day will come from John Kirkby, founder and international director of Christians Against Poverty (CAP). Since founding the charity over 20 years ago CAP have led the way in delivering essential services to people in debt or with money worries, now also helping people into jobs and tackling other long term problems. They’ve done all of this while keeping the good news of Jesus absolutely central, seeing thousands of people come to know Him through their work.

Come and be inspired to go above and beyond and help your church stay focused on its mission.