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A broken education system

Tim Morfin calls on local churches to help vulnerable children stay in school

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It quickly became apparent during our one-hour conversation that Tim’s heart for children, which he clearly had when he founded Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) almost 20 years ago, burns with the same degree of passion today. So, it comes as no surprise that the 2018 winner of the Change Maker of the Year award is committed to sharing with fellow Christians how God is transforming the lives of children who desperately need to know that they are loved.

What does TLG do?

Our team of trained church-based volunteers carry Jesus into the lives of children who struggle with school owing to the tough circumstances they face. The common scenario we come across is the...

So, in collaboration with schools and local churches, we run three programmes: education centres for teenagers who are excluded from school; an early intervention programme that supports pupils...

Our programmes build and support children’s emotional wellbeing, helping them to stay connected to school and home life, which is the beginning of a relationship with a family that enables us...

What motivated you to set up TLG?

TLG began when I was a volunteer at a church in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We opened a youth club and a crowd of local young people came. There I met 12-year-old Lewis, who lived with his mum,...

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