When I look at my journey to becoming a Christian, I would officially say it began three and a half years ago. My family took the decision to move to Reigate in Surrey from our home town of Glasgow, where I had lived comfortably and settled my whole life. All of a sudden, I faced the daunting reality of making a life for us from scratch. I wasn’t sure where to start and I struggled to find my feet.

In reality I think that my journey to faith started long before this. I was always quietly interested in spirituality, and churches fascinated me. I had met many Christians in my life and was always struck by their positivity, contentedness and kindness. I certainly had lots of questions that I longed to ask, but never quite plucked up the courage to do so. Any time I felt a curiosity, I simply asserted that faith was something for other people, not for me. I had no need for God in my life. I had everything I wanted, or so I thought.

Something missing

On reflection, I now know this to be entirely untrue; even back then I was looking for something that was missing in my life, a meaning, a purpose, even if I didn’t admit it to myself at the time. It was as if God was drawing me to Him little by little, before I knew it, or was open to reading the signs. It took an encounter with Jesus, in the most unlikely of places, to change all of that.

Upon moving to Reigate, I found lots of things challenging. I didn’t know a single person and had to use the satnav in my car just to take my children to school or get to the supermarket. I longed for my old life and struggled to make connections. I had four young children and felt that I had to lead by example in going to new places, trying activities and making new friends. I didn’t want to let my family see how daunting I found this and tried as hard as I could to hide the loneliness I felt.


Each day I would pass by the local church and each week I would see lots of people with young children going inside to attend what seemed to be a baby and toddler group. Two weeks in a row, I made it to the door and turned back, but one morning I nervously decided I had nothing to lose and plucked up the courage and went in. The place had such a bright and cheerful feeling; the ladies who pointed me in the direction of where to put my buggy were warm and welcoming. They made me some tea; they spoke to me as if they had known me my whole life. On that day I felt truly happy. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt I was somewhere I belonged.

"It was as if God was drawing me to Him little by little, before I knew it, or was open to reading the signs."

The world in colour

On sitting down, I was struck by how many people came over and introduced themselves; I felt valued and instantly part of something in a way that I had never felt before. It was like everything had been grey and foggy, and within minutes of stepping inside the church doors, the world was in colour. It was as if someone put their arms around me and said, you’ve found what you have been looking for. I know that someone was Jesus.

I couldn’t wait to tell my family about it and decided to take them along the following Sunday, wanting them to feel the warmth I had felt. I described it to them as the pieces of a jigsaw coming together to make a bright and calming landscape. It was like a light had come on inside of me by means of a switch I didn’t even know was there. In my heart I knew I had encountered Jesus telling me, this is your place; this is where you should be. I met Jesus at a toddler group and have never looked back.

The beginning of a life-long journey

I attended church regularly from that point on. I read the Bible and was amazed by how much it spoke to me. I became involved in all different aspects of church life and began to deepen my faith. From meeting Jesus that first day, I began a journey with God. I was keen to share my love for Him and was baptised, demonstrating publicly my commitment to live in Christ and thanking God for the power of His love. My faith has grown so much and taken me to places I would never have believed. Who knows where I would be had Jesus not spoken that day, or had I chosen not to hear his voice. A visit to a church toddlers’ group has changed my whole life.