The Scottish Government has announced that congregational singing will be able to take place in churches within level one restriction areas. This follows changes allowing worship bands to sing in most Scottish churches.

Currently, this change in guidance will only affect churches in certain Scottish islands. To check the restrictions in your local area, see the Scottish Government’s postcode checker. However, this news is still notable for the vast majority of Scottish churches as most of mainland Scotland currently in level two restrictions will move into level one restrictions on 7 June.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on 28 May that Glasgow, the only part of Scotland under level three restrictions, would not join the rest of mainland Scotland in lower restrictions for at least another week. Under Glasgow’s current restrictions, neither congregational singing nor singing by worship bands can take place. The First Minister gave the possible date of Saturday, 5 June for Glasgow to move into level two. A decision will be reached by Wednesday, 2 June.


New government guidance on unregulated organised children’s activities”, referring to youth work and Sunday school for churches, was released on 24 May. Under these new regulations, attendance will be limited only by social distancing and other measures; a risk assessment and dedicated safety officer is also required.

From Monday, 31 May, adult organised activities can take place in a church building in areas under level two to level zero restrictions. For churches, this means men’s/women’s groups, recovery groups, and other types of small groups can meet; these activities are still subject to social distancing. This clarifies the individual guidance that these activities followed previously.

For more details, see further information on the Scottish Government guidance on congregational singing and small group singing and Scottish Government guidance on organised activities for children.

You can email c.​fox@​eauk.​org or scotland@​eauk.​org with any questions on the government restrictions and guidance for places of worship in Scotland.