Over the last few months it seems as if stories on climate change, sustainability and how to be eco-friendly are appearing more frequently in the news and in our social media feeds.

The photo of Greenland’s melting ice has hit headlines. The pack of dogs were seemingly walking on water as their usual frozen paths are now covered in a layer of melting ice. This is a result of Greenland experiencing unusually high temperatures for this time of year, which could have a lasting impact on the local community, and the rising ocean levels. 

Many may have also seen the new plans for Heathrow’s third runway, which has brought with it questions on how this will impact the environment and increase pollution. Once again, this story brings up the overarching debate of whether we’re putting ease and profit over the health of our planet. 

Hidden by the headline-grabbing news of the Conservative leader race, MPs this week responded to the environmental audit committee’s report, and rejected the recommendations on how to make the fashion industry comply with 


environmental regulations.

The Investors Alliance has also accused more than 700 companies of failing to reveal the full extent of their contribution to the climate crisis, water shortages and deforestation. 

With all these headlines, we have to ask, as Christians, how are we to respond to the ever-increasing narrative of the climate crisis? 

In Genesis we see how God created the world, speaking it into being and declaring that it was good”. Meanwhile, the psalmist declares The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it on the seas and established it on the waters” (Psalm 24: 1 – 2). 

From the vast biodiversity, to the mountains and rivers, God created it all, and it is a display of His majesty and wonder. And so, we should be good stewards of this place we sojourn, and look after God’s creation, as we wait to go to our true home.

So let’s praise God for this wonderful world and thank Him for all the beauty that there is within creation. Let’s pray for our world and pray for good decisions and policies from those in authority and decision makers. Let’s pray for answers and for more people to make changes to their way of life, so that together we would make positive steps for the sake of our planet. 

As membership team leader at the Evangelical Alliance, I love to highlight some of the wonderful things our member organisations are doing, and there are so many that are seeking to protect our planet. Tearfund are lobbying the government for better policies and laws, and reaching out to those in poverty around the world, who suffer most from climate change. A Rocha responds to the global crisis of biodiversity loss by carrying out community-based conservation projects around the world. And Indigo Coffee strives to protect the environment in which coffee is grown. 

There are also, I am sure, so many individual members who are doing their part. However, if you are anything like me, at times this problem may seem far too big, and you may wonder, What can I do? And will it even make a difference?” 

So, if this sounds like you, I urge you to have a think about what changes you can make – whether that is a simple change or one that requires a little more sacrificing to protect the planet. For example, are there times when you could walk instead of drive? Can you stop using single-use plastic? Perhaps you might want to, if you haven’t already, buy a reusable water bottle, as each day 60 million water bottles are thrown away.

What about your cleaning products? So many cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals which can harm aquatic life, and switching to more environmentally-friendly products can make a massive difference. 

Before buying clothes look into the company’s sustainability, labour and environment policies. There are websites and apps that can easily tell you this information. If they have bad policies, ask youself, Is that top really worth it for the sake of our planet?” 

So, let’s talk to our friends and encourage one another to be good stewards of creation, and make steps to change the world. You are not too small to make a difference. Together, as evangelical Christians, we can join, and lead, this fight for our planet.