Dave Cave, the first co-ordinator of the Alliance’s theology commission, has passed away.

Dave’s influence as the first co-ordinator, in 1993, of the newly founded Alliance Commission on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals (ACUTE) was considerable.

ACUTE was established to provide a theological impetus to the work of the Alliance in promoting unity in the truth among evangelicals and Dave helped to draw together a truly representative selection of UK evangelical theologians and thinkers who went on to produce resources on the big issues of the day such as homosexuality, health and wealth prosperity teaching, the Toronto Blessing and the National Lottery.

Dave Cave
Dave Cave, first co-ordinator of ACUTE

Dr David Landrum, director of advocacy at the Alliance, said: What a servant of God and of his church Dave Cave was.

I met him shortly after I came to faith in Liverpool. Always encouraging, and always humorous, it was clear to me that Dave had a deep love for those living in our most deprived communities. 

With a rare combination of a piercing intellect and a tender heart, he was a great model of Christian leadership, and his theological contribution to the Evangelical Alliance has been of inestimable value. 

Tina and the family are in our prayers at this time.” 

ACUTE is now known as TAG, the theological advisory group, whose current chair is the Rev Dr David Hilborn, principal of St John’s College, Nottingham. 

Dr Hilborn said: Dave was an inspirational pastor and teacher whose pioneering ministry in Anfield had a proud effect on me when I was an ordinand in the 1980s. 

Later, he broke new ground for the Evangelical Alliance by convening a theological commission that would significantly inform its work. 

I had the privilege of taking on that work from Dave, and of developing what he started when I joined the Alliance staff, but his faith, vision and drive were foundational, as they were in so many of the other things he accomplished for God’s kingdom. 

My prayers are with Tina and the family in their loss, but deep sadness at his sudden passing is mixed with thankfulness for his life and witness, and for the fact that he is now at home with the Lord.” 

A celebration of thanksgiving will be held at Love and Joy Ministries in Anfield on Wednesday, 29 November 2017