Wales undoubtedly possesses a wonderfully rich Christian heritage.

We are known across the earth as being a nation who have encountered God through incredible revivals, where literally thousands of people have come to know and love the Lord. Wonderful though this is, my prayer is that this would not just be a part of our history as a nation, but that in 2019 and beyond we would once again see Wales transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this new season for the Evangelical Alliance in Wales, I am inspired by the account of the life of Caleb that we read in Numbers 13. Here is a man, who, alongside leaders from other ancestral tribes, was sent out by Moses in order to explore the land of Canaan. You’ll remember that most of the men who went to explore the land returned with a negative report of a powerful people and fortified cities. Nevertheless Caleb, who we are told later in Numbers 14:24 carried a different spirit,’ sought to silence the people’ on this, declaring in Numbers 13:30, We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” I wonder what information you and I would gather if we were sent out to explore’ the nation of Wales? Would our report be a negative or a positive one? Through which filter’ do we choose to see our land? Through a filter of fear, or a filter of faith?

The Evangelical Alliance is uniquely placed at this time to envision, unite and mobilise churches and Christians across the nation in order that together we would make Jesus known. We are passionate about equipping, releasing and championing believers to serve God in whatever their sphere of influence, that we might be a united and creative witness to our land. By engaging with members from across denominations, locations, age groups and ethnicities, all sharing a passion to make Jesus known; we are working to see Wales transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.