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Disagreeing well

Five ways to disagree without being disagreeable, by Jo Frost

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The very notion of disagreeing well feels like an oxymoron. To be described as disagreeable seems an insult. We do all we can to avoid and sooth conflict and argument, and yet conflict is an ever-present reality in our lives.

Ever since the garden, as God declared “it is not good”, conflict has been part of our story and has driven us forward. Without opposition, there can be no momentum, no dynamism. God...

But conflict can also be a cruel disrupter and destroyer of relationships. We all disagree. Whether it’s as simple as what to have for tea or centuries-old intractable geopolitical conflicts,...

1. Recognise the personhood of the other

It is easy to forget there is a person at the other end of an argument. Every person you encounter is loved by God, made in His likeness and bears His image. When we disagree, it can often...

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