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Far above politics

Let’s be caught up in our Christian identity not identity politics, says Danny Webster

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You might be a remainer, a remoaner, a reliever, a leaver, a Brexiteer, or fed up with the whole thing. The perils of a copy deadline and a magazine schedule mean I simply don’t know whether the UK will be a member of the European Union by the time you read this.

I’ve worked in parliament and politics for long enough to know that we should believe political pundits and experts when they declare that they have no idea what is coming next. Gone are the...

Historically, British politics was relatively straightforward: there were clear political tribes on the left and the right of the spectrum, with that axis largely defined by the economic...

Up until the 1970s the overriding view was that social class was the key determiner of how people in Great Britain voted (politics in Northern Ireland operates quite differently). The...

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