The Evangelical Alliance is passionate about Christians engaging well with those who serve us in local and national government, but we recognise that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

So we at the Evangelical Alliance Scotland produced Connect: A guide to engaging with your MSPs, a practical guide to help you begin to build relationships with your political representatives and encourage you to support them through prayer and communication. 

Connect: A guide to engaging with your MSPs helps you find out who your MSP is and how you can get in touch with them. It also contains useful tips on how you can have a caring and constructive conversation with your MSP as well as show them God’s love.


So, how can you support our MSPs?

Here are a few ideas from Connect: A guide to engaging with your MSPs:

  1. Pray for them. Begin to support your MSPs by bringing them before God’s throne of grace. In addition to your personal prayers, you could hold church prayer meetings specifically for your political leaders.
  2. Email them. It’s good to be in regular contact with your MSPs and sending an email is the easiest way to be. Get into the habit of sending an email to your MSP to encourage them, not only when you have a complaint. You could let your MSP know that you are praying for them, and you could also ask for specific prayer points to share with your church. You may be surprised by how much your MSP would appreciate this.
  3. Send them a card. Like an email, a letter or card can be used to encourage your MSP, and it is more likely to be remembered. Lots of MSPs put cards up in their office as reminders of the support and encouragement they receive from their constituents.
  4. Invite them to church. By inviting an MSP to your church, you’re showing them that they, like anybody, are a welcomed and valued member of your community. You could invite them to a special service, such as a celebration of a community project or a church anniversary. But, don’t just limit invitations to special days; invite your MSP to be part of your church and help them to witness the value that the church adds to their constituents’ lives.

Why now?

Following the recent elections, new and returning MSPs have entered this new session of parliament. As they seek to respond to the needs of families, communities and our nation as a whole, they will need our prayers, support and perspective. So, let’s pray for and connect with our MSPs, being God’s light in this time. 

Download the Evangelical Alliance Scotland’s guide here.

Around the UK

If you’re in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, head to your nation page on the Evangelical Alliance’s website, which you can find here, to download your new nation-specific resource. 

Lord, thank you for all the MSPs across this nation. May you give them wisdom to lead well at all times, and would you soften their hearts towards Christians in their community. Give us a heart for them, and help us to support them and love them as you would. Amen.