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The debate around ‘British values’ will be back. What’s our position?

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It has now been four years since the Evangelical Alliance examined, in idea magazine, what Evangelicals thought about British values, and the debate and its political context have most certainly changed significantly since then.

So, as we explore freedom in this edition, and I, more specifically, consider freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, I’d like us to revisit this hot topic and think about how discussion...

But, to start, we have to take a trip back to 2011. For that was the year the Government made a list of fundamental British values and defined ‘extremism’ as vocal and active opposition to...

In the survey of Evangelicals that we published in 2015, we found that 71 per cent of those surveyed thought that the Government was right, in principle, to define and promote British values....

What’s happened since 2015?

It’s fair to say that the Government’s list of values and its campaign against “non-violent extremism” have faced a lot of criticism. For example, Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights...

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